Today is the day you passed – RL

Wow, hi love!

Today is the day you passed away. I can’t believe I’m writing to you on a laptop I just bought. Materialistic things tend to bother me more and more now. I just wish i wasn’t so stubborn. I wish you were able to see my dad, maybe he would’ve changed his habits because you are like a life changing angel.

I am going to come visit you today, I am super excited to see your Lambo and Beach house tombstone. I think it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, I mean you can’t beat a whole castle as a tombstone , but still – pretty dope.

I know you may not have been watching over me lately, and it’s probably because i’ve been a bad person. Just like before I met you, I always wanted to be surrounded by females whether they were into me or not. Sometimes I break their hearts, but I really don’t try to do it on purpose. Life has been difficult lately, and i wish you were here to split the pain with me, but who am I to ask for so much. My dad’s condition is getting worse, and he has no way to pay for the cost to fix it. His pill counts almost double every week, and soon he may close to damaging his liver. I really wish I could do more in a shorter amount of time, but my priorities have always been crazy.

I have to find you a sunflower today… I don’t think i’ll be getting you balloons again but i brought you hot cheetos this time. Ill even eat some of it with you.

Anyways im still in san jose, and I have to see dad and make sure he is drinking water. Then i have to workout, and find you a sunflower… its 11:58am right now, and it takes about 3 hours to see you, i just hope i have enough time to see you before sunset. You always knew i was bad with time management, and you knew that if you followed me around all the time, I wouldn’t have any excuses to not spend time with you. I think I appreciated that the most…

I love you , see you soon.

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