The mind is such a precious thing.

People want things they can’t have, even if the world is given to them they are unable to realize it’s value. I can give things people dream of, emotionally, to a single person, yet they are looking through a glass window for the next best thing. I never had the next best thing. I used to always look for the next best thing. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes and let go of my ego just enough that I could see all the love around me. The guilt I have to pay for , for deserting so many woman. For breaking their hearts, and leaving them for others after progressively leading them on. Giving them the hope that they can be with me in extended periods of times. Only to be fooled by mischievous intentions. I love sex, I love giving, I love making, and then I love the new best thing. 

Another thing people don’t understand is that, you will always want the new best thing. So you give up your current best thing. Little do you know that person you let go or thing may have been the real best thing. 

You swallow this pain, and you know it’s not the end of the world because the new best thing is waiting just around the corner. So, go ahead and cage yourself in this prison. Because I already broke free of it. 

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