I met a girl today.

She’s super cool, I love all sorts of things about her. However, there are implications. She’s young, which means she wants to explore with as many people as she can before she has to be tied down. She also doesn’t like spicy food , which is something I can live with. She matched on tinder with my room mate. This is where it gets odd. Cause my roommate tried to have sex with her but was cock blocked by MJ making her sick. Good thing about seeing her is that it sparked my memory that we had matched months ago. Liked a couple photos on instagram and she messages me barely realizing who I was. We meet again(without my room mate knowing) and she has so many cool traits about her, that is unlike hundreds of girls I’ve met before. Not saying all girls suck, just saying I prefer certain things like, being driven, be independent, and so forth. The last implication is that, if I fall for this girl. I would totally have my heart broken into pieces. Do I save myself from danger , or do I risk it all and the possibility of losing the trust of my room mate? We’ve all been here before and we all know what we choose. How do I win?

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