Hope, with a little bit of guidance.

So Rasamis has been showing up a little bit more lately. With that a lot of fortunate events have happened as well. For once in a long time I don’t feel the heavy weight I usually have.

Good things like me separating the air force with high year tenure full separation pay. That equates to about 20k along with my 40k that i already have and over 70k in assets. Not only that i get to have base access so not going to LA fitness is a big plus as well.

Im super excited to leave the military in march 2nd… The plan is to go on vacation and travel everywhere. I still have stressers though and they are mainly house and car stuff. Everything else is kind of… not really stressing.

I can’t wait to start filming again, that being said I’m really behind on my vlog editing. I wont be taking school during my vacation. Hell who knows if i will even survive nature’s beasts.

I’ve been spending way too much money lately though. I need to start selling almost everything I own.

Thats all for  updates I guess.

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