I slept 23 hours today – R.L.

dsc04228Hey love,

Wish you were here to toss me off my bed or beat me up when I didn’t wake up and stuff. I know you’d find some way to wake me up. Life is falling apart again. I stopped working out, and I think that is causing most of my motivational losses. I lost about 6 pounds which normally takes me a month or two to gain. I’ve ran away into my state of games again, where I just play games to zone out the important things in my life. I even signed up for classes again, and I cant even imagine how I’ll be able to pull this one off. I barely was able to pass my business statistics class. Rasamis Lee, as much as I want you back in this world, I need you more than ever. I need you to help me back on my feet because I feel exactly the same as last year while you were going through cancer.

I’m going to try to do as many things as I can today, stop playing games. Do things that are important. The only thing I can do now is just try to live life as you would have if you survived through your cancer.

Love you.

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