A lady bug aye? -R.L.

Hey love,

Got attacked by a lady bug in my house while I was feeling down a couple days ago. I figured it was you, so I went ahead and googled lady bug occurrences and death of a loved one. It seems to be  pretty popular occurrence.


Been taking a lot of pictures lately. I sure do miss you. It’s new years now and I can just think of how much fun we would’ve had together. I learned that you’re supposed to kiss your love at new years.. I have yet to experience that.

I’ve never been good at continuing a relationship passed the point of attraction for too long, but I know I could’ve done it with you. Sadly my life has been lonely, but its mainly because I don’t take dating seriously anymore. I just want to skip to the love part, but i know that’s not how the world works these days… at least it shouldn’t.

I’ve been up and down mostly because we were supposed to spend the New Years together last year. I didn’t even think about it… that you would leave everyone just to be with my for new years… You must’ve really loved me. We were supposed to go to Lights All Night in Dallas… It would’ve been amazing to have been able to rave with you. I wish you didn’t get diagnosed at all and just spent the last days of your life with me.

Enough sad venting for today. Love you!!!


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