A Couple Thoughts – R.L. 

I was just wondering… I really wonder, what were you thinking about when I called you that day. When you told your aunt that you couldn’t talk, when you gave your last smile, when it was the last time you had your eyes open. What did you think of me, you told everyone I was just your friend from Arkansas. Sometimes I wonder if I was even important enough in your life to be worth telling people. I know your heart was the reason you didn’t live… but I know, even now I would’ve gave you my heart if it meant you’d live. You know what’s funny, my heart is starting to do the same thing yours was doing. Sometimes I’d forget to breathe.. sometimes my heart would just stop and I’d stop breathing all together… until I realize and gasp for air.  I have to remind myself to breathe lately. I miss you, I just wish you knew how much I really did love you. 

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