Back at square one or is it my mind that’s back at square one – RL

Hey my love… Somedays I forget what it’s like to be wrapped up in your arms..I feel sad without the memory sometimes. It doesn’t feel right to be sad without a reason or even a reason to be sad.

I feel alone most of the times… All I really have left is Shy.. I sleep 12 Hrs, and then repeat the cycle.

I am not sure what I am missing, a feeling of accomplishment maybe. Anyways… the more I do the less I feel like it has any affect on my overall depression.

Sometimes I feel like I just need to take off like a bird and just conquer the world.. but where do I start.

Work has me tied up, games has me incubated, and sleep has me losing weight.

I need to help myself before it’s too late. I just wish you were here to slap me in the face every morning till I got myself together. I miss you.

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