Visiting all our memories…

Hey love, I’m hanging out with your family. And we keep running into places we’ve gone together. We went back to the beach club. It was like a flash back. The smell, I can see the image of us sitting at the bar. You drinking a blue moon and I’m drinking an apple ale. I remember the edm room, where we had just spent today. I remember how wild you would get even though I wasn’t really feeling it. You wouldn’t stop dancing until I danced with you. After that day.. We just danced and danced and I didn’t care who watched. I try not to drink now a days. I miss you so much. And it gets worse every time I do drink. It’s hard to forget about you. It’s hard to move on. It’s hard to be happy alone. What do people do in my position. I don’t feel affection, I don’t feel emotion, I just feel sad sometimes and it’s thinking of you. Half the times it’s happy. I just want to keep it happy. How do you stay happy with memories of someone who doesn’t physically exists in the world anymore. 

I should stop venting. 

Love you, 


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