Can’t sleep

Babe, I know you hate sleep as much as I  do. If I could be restless with you all day I would. I once imagined my life much like a movie. I would live in deserted areas and roam the city doing whatever I wanted. You can see the sunrise and sunset where I stayed. It was a tall building, yellowish brown. You’d have to climb it, to get up. I wouldn’t sleep here, but I would climb it everyday just to see the sunset or sunrise. I don’t know where I would sleep. I don’t remember sleeping in this life. I remember that it was lonely. Much like how it is now. Imagine living by yourself in a giant deserted city… Ruins. Nothing but yourself to entertain, and really nothing to eat. I would explore everyday… Trying to find the purpose in life. Here I am now in reality, laying on this bed, wires hooked up to me.. I can’t sleep, and I can’t stop thinking of the last girl who would love me inside the ruins that I created. If I can sleep I would rather sleep with you. I miss you but we all know that’s irrelevant now. 

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