Miss you mucho… – R. L.

Hey love,


Sorry it’s been awhile… life is getting crazier and crazier.

First I buy a camera, then I vlog everyday of every moment of my life pretty much.

I finally got back into school… you leaving this world was too hard for me to continue school and even concentrate.

I have to learn all these new programs and it’s a bit nerve wrecking… I want to produce amazing videos and make people laugh though. I just hope they’ll enjoy my humor as much as you did.

Molly stopped talking to me… I think out of any girl since you’ve left… she’s been the only real consideration for someone that I would legitimately talk to and think of having a future with… However, I do not see her viewing me in the same way… ever. Therefore, I will continue to search for something else that will make me happy.

You sister and mom did a lantern sea thingy… They sent me snapchats and i got a bunch of photos of your mum.. It’s the first time I think i’ve seen her really smile without real deep pain in her eyes as usual.

I told her that i love her and want to visit soon…

I miss you my love and I really want to visit your burial again…

I know its very inconvenient for me to live so far from you, and I knew how much it hurt you all those months apart from each other.

Now that you are gone… I want to live free and travel the world… for the both of us.

I want to vlog about it… I want people to know how much I really did love you… I want the world to know that a love like that exists and even though it took me 25 years to find it… it was worth every second of waiting alone.


I love you and I hope to finish a Vlog soon.




  • A picture of alex and I… You never got to meet my best friend in arkansas.


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