Big things big steps – R. L. 

Hey love,

July 1st, 2016 -As much as you hate me being busy, I got a butt load of things coming in. I created my own film team. We haven’t gotten a name yet but our ideas are all over the place. Our first project will be my driving down the freeway on my motorcycle shooting a bunch of fireworks off.

July 3rd, 2016 – Today has been one hell of a day. It’s been exciting honestly I wish you were here to help me film or be apart of all the footage we’ve been getting. This video is going to be the turning point of my life I feel like. Maybe it won’t be super popular but at the same time I can say I directed a full video with a team. Created most of the ideas, and found a really great person to do it with. Someone who has a passion as big as me. I’ve been waiting years for this to happen to me. To have someone to shoot, learn, and fail with. I already know that deep down in my heart whatever I do, I will try my best because… of you. I love and miss you my dear.

here is a snapshot from one of the videos.


It’s supposed to be a fourth of july theme. I remembered how much you loved to just go to the dam and watch the fireworks from up there. I always wanted to sit there on the ledge from the day we met and just watch together holding you the same way as always.

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