Eventful week – R.L.

Hey love,

I’m about to sleep soon but I thought I’d write to you anyways. 

So.. Right after I wrote to you last my wallet got pick pocketed … It was really depressing. I wasn’t even drunk too. And I lost my ten year old Louis Vuitton wallet!!! What was worse than that was losing the 20$ bill your parents gave me. 

I wish I wrote on that 20 bill with an address and phone number as well as signs saying its stolen if used. lol .. They would’ve just threw it away or something huh?:( they’d probably use it on some arcade machine. 

I saw your momma today. She always looks so sad. I haven’t seen her really get to smile yet. I miss all your sisters too. They’re weird funny and cute. Haha, I never really though about it but I really wanted to go arcades with you… I bet you’d have a low patience level with those games too. I didn’t really think you’d be interested in learning new things. Maybe it just depends on who you are with. 

Got you this sweet lambo pic. Didn’t know you were such a Lamborghini fan. Maybe I’ll buy one when I get somewhere with life. I’ll name it razme 😛

Miss you mucho dear. Hope you’re doing good wherever you are. 

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