Festivities & Couples – R.L.

Rasamis Lee!

Oh how I miss you soooo sooo much. Life has really been ups and downs with me. Sometimes I can’t even fathom the fact that you’re gone from this world. Although I am progressing with my life, I hate the fact that you are not here with me to see my dreams slowly unravel.

Today is riverfest week, and I just thought how wonderful it would’ve been if you had been living with me or had visited to come here. I know how much you love country music secretly. And guess what! There’s a bunch of country bands playing for riverfest. Beautiful rainbow bridges and live music, those two things would have made you happy I know for a fact. I already imagined you would’ve wanted to just sit on a bench under the lights from the bridge snuggled up against me talking about random things in life. I miss our talks of nothingness. It didn’t matter what we talked about, it was just fun.


I saw a lot of couples today, and it made me miss you extra. The music that played too, I knew you would’ve wanted to be random and dance with me no matter who was looking. I miss that the most… your ability to not really care what others think of you – you helped bring that out in me too.

Anyways, I’ll write to you soon. I hope that one day we can meet again somewhere in a different era of life or something.

Love you…

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