My stray cat – RL

Hey darling,


June 2, 2016 – I talked to my psychiatrist today. I told him that you passed away… He had great hopes for you. We talked about you a lot today…

I miss you… I almost cried today it was sad… I thought about the one time I said that I give up because you give up…. I wish I could take those words back everyday. I never gave up… I just didn’t want you to hurt anymore… I know it hurt you to see me stressed out and in pain.

I wish I would’ve married you before you passed away… I wanted to be the real love you always wanted. I wanted you to leave this world knowing that real love does exists.

Unparalleled to this universe, a bound so beautiful,

A soul collapsed into a darkness, a black hole

devoured by space and time, loving for eternity was the light that repeated for ages upon dimensions of our understanding.

For the words love was never forgotten.

A week ago a kitten came by the trashcan, I called it over and she immediately came to me. To my surprise it was a house trained cat that had gotten out and now had no home. She’s the sweetest cat I ever met in my life. She is so friendly and loving, just wanting to be loved and petted. She didn’t need much to be happy, and it reminded me of you. Just like how you never needed much to be happy. As long you knew you were loved and had my attention you were content. Life was so easy with you… so simple, and hassle free. It was like having a partner but without the drama. I kind of named the cat Taz too since everytime I see her she instantly comes over. IMG_3294


Miss you mucho dear…


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