Chico – oroville ,CA -RL

Hey my love,
Been working 12 hrs Ish for the last 2-3 days. Haven’t really had time to write to you. I did meet someone pretty cute today. I joked around with her, and I asked her about her tattoo. It reminded me of Molly which reminded me of you. I asked her where she got it. She said it was from some one eyed artist. I asked which state, she said California… Northern California. And I was like oh? Bay Area? She said more northern… And I pretty much kinda knew… I said oroville? She laughed. She said how do you even know where oroville is… And she said Chico. And my heart froze. I had a flash back. I remember when we first met and we went to Chico to grab a drink. You were as beautiful as ever that night.

I laughed and said I know Chico. It’s a really small place… So she was really surprised. I told her that my gf is from there. And she didn’t stop asking where you were , what school you went to etc… And I finally couldn’t take it.. I told her that you passed away 3 weeks ago… She was surprised… Sad.. I had a grin on my face trying to not look sad… Fake laughing and what not. She must’ve been confused when she saw my face as she was in total disbelief. I left gas station after that.

Everywhere I go… Whatever I do… And everything I seee…. It reminds me of you. I miss you my love,

Your little captain america.

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