Is cancer the real killer or is it Chemotherapy – RL

DSC06254Hey love,

I remember when you told me that you had zero cancer cells left. That was 2 months before you had passed away. I really wish I was there to get you to give me some sort of advanced authoritative. I knew you wanted to keep doing chemotherapy, I also knew that if you had kept doing the trials that your body wouldn’t have been able to handle it. I hate the fact that you were so selfless in that aspect. In reality though is it really that selfless? You had left a lot of people’s lives, made them feel empty and sad. I remember that you said you had to start chemo again after you told me you were free of cancer cells. I kept asking you why.. why.. You kept saying that you wanted it to be over and you didn’t want cancer to come back. I honestly believed that you had already beaten cancer and that it would be better to fight a new rise of cancer cells in a more healthier state instead of constantly being tortured by their trials.

I learned that even though you’re fighting sometimes its best to take a break and come back to reality to rethink the situation before proceeding. I honestly don’t know why you didn’t give one of your family members an advanced authoritative.

It is what it is though, I am happy to know you had beat cancer. I just wish chemo didn’t beat you.


Miss you a bunch

love you.

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