Today is the day -RL

Hey love,

Life has been a little crazy. Went to see odesza last minute, bought a ticket from random people, went to San Jose downtown bars for my first time, ran into so many old friends, driving and sleeping at friends places like a hobo, typing to you on the toilet, and getting super drunk walking miles to make a lyft ride cheaper(which didn’t work at all). You would’ve loved it… Every minute of it. So many laughs and smiles. I kept thinking about you… And now today I’m driving to come see you. I just hope that your soul is around the area when it happens. I’m really nervous that I have to meet some many new faces too. I even brough Elizebeth haha.

You know what’s funny is that I wanted to wear color ful stuff to your funeral… But decided to not look like an idiot at the funeral… So I only packed black and white stuff. And then yesterday your sister tells me she wants us to all wear colorful stuff… Guess what… I didn’t bring any. I had to go out running looking for a damn tie… Nothing matches with my suit unless I can prefit them. So I just didn’t bother and got a tie instead of a colorful button down.

Sorry I don’t have an image for this post, but I have one for the next one… its super special too.

Love you,

Your nerdy boy thanh.

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