On the road again – RL

Hey my love,

Guess what? I got pat down today by the TSA haha. They thought I was carrying a bomb in my laptop. Dude touched my penis. Good thing it only lasted a couple minutes. Then I got on the plane and looked like a dummy cause I couldn’t close the top luggage thing. I wasn’t pushing down hard enough and I thought I broke it. People looked at me like I was crazy ahah!!!

I miss you… I hate that I’m flying to see you in this state. It’s funny though because everyone is supposed to be grieving at your funeral… I don’t see it that way because I get to see you one more time before you’re gone gone. I hope that you’ll be there in some sort of invisible angel form. It would be nice if you could just give us one giant hug. I’ll try not to cry. I’m going to try to be strong like you. No promises though. 

So far this flight to California is kind of crazy, and there’s tons of people having problems doing things. Maybe it’s just too early.

I do however am also excited to see my mom… I told Gordon that you passed away from cancer the other day.. He was speechless… Actually he didn’t even really say anything. I could tell that he was shocked. I’ve been practicing my pingpong so that I can finally beat him. I even made my own custom paddle. 

I’m about 15,000 feet in the air.. I can’t stop myself from looking outside the plane… Like I’m looking for something out in these clouds. It was extra beautiful this time. The clouds almost looked like paintings… Maybe the reason I can’t stop looking out the window is because I’m trying to enjoy the same view you get every morning.  

Maybe now that you’ve gone I just try to see things in a new light- a new way. When I really enjoy something I see I have to fight the tears from coming. I just wish you can just be here with me and enjoy the view with me. 

I always wanted to fly with you… Sit next to you… Fall asleep on you… I know you’d play with my hair the whole time. We can share headphones like in those cute couple movies. You know just the small things that really matter. 
I got a picture of someone that looked outside the window more than I did. I feel like he was looking for something in the clouds also… 

I think that’s good for now… Love you see you soon. 

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