A couple days before your funeral – RL

Hey my dork,

Guess what I’m doing today? Getting ready for your funeral. I never really took my first funeral serious, but this one .. I’ve been extremely cautious about. Everything from packing all the way down to getting my suit tailored. It’s becoming kind of hard to function as well. I slept all day today instead of getting ready. I guess you can say I’m kind of scared to meet your whole family. I wish you were there to hold my hand and introduce each one to me. I’m sure not many of them will know who I am anyways. I don’t plan on telling everyone either. Sometimes I think it’ll be cooler if I stand in the back by a tree like in those movies, but it’ll be weird.

You know what’s really weird though? I didn’t see that they had a burial event. You know when they finally put dirt on you and stuff. I always felt like that was the most important part… it’s like the part where you finally have to say goodbye ’cause we cant even see your cask.

I miss you a lot. All this money I’m throwing out to see you, I could’ve easily done the same to see you before you left the world.

You’d be so excited to see the car I’m renting for the week I’m out there. I loved the fact that you didn’t mind the long road trips or even driving to places. It’s like you were my other half from the start.

The crazy thing that I loved about you the most is that you were just like me in a way. You never really planned your trips, you kind of just let it play out or happen and deal with it when it happens. You lived life like me… on the edge and spontaneous.

I don’t think I’ll ever find another person like you in years, but I’m glad I got to spend some time with you while it was possible.

Miss you…


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